Space adventure: Defend the planet!

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Space adventure: Defend the planet!  is a research-based game aimed at supporting a more inclusive education in primary maths for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students, as well as to their hearing peers. Work in progress results shows an increase in mathematics achievement between 8% and 20% for 6 participants, while no improvement for 4 participants. Space adventure: Defend the planet!  contributes to the following SDGs: “Quality Education”, “Good Health and Well-being”, “Reduced Inequalities” and “No poverty”.


The research project GBL4deaf – Game-Based Learning for Deaf Students [PTDC/COM-CSS/32022/2017] aims to explore the impact of a videogame as a virtual tool to support mathematics learning for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students attended the 2nd and 3rd cycle of Basic Education.

The project pursues a convergent mixed method procedure with a qualitative and quantitative approach. It includes observations, teacher’s interviews, pretest mathematics contents measures, followed by the videogame exposure and posttest. Under the GBL4deaf project, a research-based educational game is being developed as a tool to support mathematics learning for deaf students, and also can be used for hearing students.



The following specific objectives are:

  1. To collect data from school communities and participants background information.
  2. To conduct game user research.
  3. To analyse the process of learning mathematics in DHH students longitudinally.
  4. To disseminate the results for all stakeholders involved in DHH student’s education: policymakers, educators, families, associations, media and the general public.