Casa Pia de Lisboa (CPL) is a public institution whose mission is to promote the rights and protection of children and young people, especially those who are in danger and at risk of exclusion and with special educational needs. Additionally, it seeks to ensure their integral development, through the reception, education, training and social and professional insertion.

The work developed by CPL aims at the child’s superior interest and the construction of his life project, based on the adequacy of resources and principles oriented to the needs of each student, materializing through personalized development projects.

Regarding the GBL4deaf project, CED Jacob Rodrigues Pereira (one of the schools of CPL) is involved in the pedagogical validation of the videogame and providing access to 7th-grade deaf students.


Agrupamento de Escolas D. Maria II follows the principle that the education of deaf children and young people should carry out in bilingual environments that make possible to master the Portuguese Sign Language, the domain of written and eventually spoken Portuguese. It is a Portuguese reference group of schools for bilingual instruction (EREBAS) for deaf and hard of hearing students.

It is the responsibility of the school to contribute to the linguistic growth of deaf students, to the adequacy of the process of access to the curriculum and to help with school/social inclusion.

Regarding the GBL4deaf project, the D. Maria II School Group will participate in the project as the control group.


The Agrupamento de Escolas Quinta de Marrocos it is also a reference group of schools for bilingual teaching for deaf and hard of hearing students. Since 2008 they aim to integrate Portuguese Sign Language with written Portuguese language (eventually spoken Portuguese language) in classrooms. The group of schools are located in the northern part of Lisbon and has more than 1200 students, with roughly 70 of whom have hearing difficulties. Deaf and hard of hearing students will participate in our study in the area of games user based-research and game-based mathematics learning.


The Agrupamento de Escolas Professor Reynaldo dos Santos was a reference group of schools for bilingual instruction for deaf and hard of hearing students (DHH). Nowadays continues to give support to 19 DHH students with bilingual teaching (Portuguese Sign Language and written Portuguese language) classes. Located to 30 km out of the north of Lisbon, this group of schools has approximately 1400 students from kindergarten to high secondary.

DHH students will participate in our study in the area of games user based-research and game-based mathematics learning.


Associação Portuguesa de Surdos (APS) is a private non-profit Social Solidarity Institution that operates nationwide, being the oldest deaf association in the country.

APS was a pioneer in training Portuguese Sign Language (LGP) both in the society in general and for the professionalization of deaf teachers and interpreters. Besides, from an early age, APS invested in the bilingual education of deaf adults, both in former schooling and nowadays, in new technologies and other professional areas.

Regarding the GBL4deaf project, APS will contribute to analysis of the video game from a deaf person perspective and participate on the project dissemination within the deaf community.


The primary mission of FPAS – Federação Portuguesa de Associações de Surdos [Portuguese Federation of Deaf Associations) is to promote, defend, carry out and support actions that contribute to the development of associations of the deaf community. Additionally, seeks to ensure and realize full citizenship and equal opportunities and to remove barriers that prevent the exercise of their rights and duties. Its central values are

  1. the associative proximity of the Deaf to widen the voice of the Deaf community,
  2. awareness-raising for the general public on the issues of the Deaf Community and its objectives;
  3. partnership and cooperation of the entities to take action on the quality of life of the deaf people; and
  4. the accessibility, namely, communication technologies in Portuguese Sign Language.

Regarding the GBL4deaf project, FPAS participate on the content validation of Portuguese Sign Language (LGP) used in the video game and contributes to the dissemination of the project within the deaf community.


Associação Ludus (AL) is a non-profit association whose objective is to support and disseminate Mathematics in its various aspects, namely pedagogical, scientific, cultural, historical and recreational. AL dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Recreational Mathematics.

 The AL will participate in the project through the validation of its Mathematical content, will also contribute to its dissemination in the community of teachers and mathematics enthusiasts.


The Fundação Altice Portugal is a private, non-profit and publicly-owned institution whose objective is to concretize the commitment of social intervention and support to the development of Portugal Telecom, within the scope of its responsibilities as an essential social agent.

 In its social dimension, the Fundação Altice Portugal is a fundamental pillar, with a priority focus in the areas of Health, Education and Access to Communications. The contribution of the Fundação Altice Portugal to the construction of the Information Society and access to Information and Communication Technologies also achieved through the encouragement of the development of personal capacities, with emphasis on supporting citizens with special communication needs.

 Regarding the GBL4deaf project, the Fundação Altice Portugal will participate in project dissemination through its communication channels, as well as in the participation of the final seminar involving all stakeholders.