Carlos Pereira dos Santos

Carlos Pereira dos Santos graduated and held a master and PhD degree in Mathematics at the University of Lisbon. Currently, he is a researcher of the Centre for Functional Analysis, Linear Structures and Applications, invited assistant professor at High Institute of Engineering of Lisbon, and a teacher trainer and researcher in Colégio de São Tomás, a private school in Lisbon. Carlos primary research is in the field of Combinatorial Game Theory (CGT) with several papers in international journals and presented at major conferences devoted to the subject. His PhD was under the guidance of Richard Nowakowski from Dalhousie University, a 39th top expert in that topic. He published the book «Mathematics from The Da Vinci Code» about Recreational Mathematics co-authored with Luis Tirapicos and Nuno Crato. He participated in the project «Games with History» and «Games from Around the World» (Visão/Público) with João Pedro Neto and Jorge Nuno Silva. During ten years, he was Vice-President of the Ludus Association, one of the most relevant Portuguese institutions dedicated to recreational mathematics. He has been a member of scientific committees of pioneering projects such as the «Portuguese Championship of Mathematical Games» and the «Recreational Mathematics Colloquia». He was managing editor of the Recreational Mathematics Magazine. He co-authored with Carlota Simões the project Astronomia Cantada n’Os Lusíadas. About Mathematics Education in Portugal, he researches subjects related to elementary mathematics. Also noteworthy is the fact that, for three years, he has made the management of the Training Centre for Teachers of the Portuguese Mathematics Society and, after, he was the director of the Training Centre for Teachers of the Ludus Association. He organised and developed dozens of courses on various topics. Carlos Santos is a big fan of the Singapore Math, and he is managing editor of the “Jornal das Primeiras Matemáticas”. He regularly collaborates in the Projeto ProSucesso (Azores Regional Government, University of Azores), particularly in the Projeto Prof. DA (Qualified teachers in solving learning difficulties). Regarding hobbies, Carlos Santos is an International Chess Master. He was the Portuguese Champion in 1998 and 2000, and he was 5th in the under-18 World Championship in 1989.