Lília Marcelino

Lília Marcelino graduated in  Psychology at Lusófona University (2005) and held a Master in Communication in Organizations. Former doctoral grantee at the Foundation for Science and Technology (SFRH / BD / 69366/2010 with a PhD in Education since 2015. She was also a postdoctoral grantee in the project “Social participation in students with SEN in public schools “Funded by FCT (PTDC / MHC-CED / 4150/2014). Lília has publications in the field of numerical cognition and mathematics learning difficulties and has participated in national and international scientific events. In 2017, the study “Identification and intervention in early numerical competencies” was one of the nominees for best poster at the 15th European Congress of Psychology in Amsterdam as a result of the project “Number Sense Method – Numerical Images: Early identification and intervention” promoted by Azores Regional Government in 2016 under the ProSucesso – Integrated Plan for the Promotion of School Success, Regional Directorate for Education, particularly in the Project Prof. DA (Qualified teachers in solving learning difficulties) with the collaboration of University of Azores. Lília continues to give certified training to teachers, psychologists and other professionals in the area numerical cognition, dyscalculia and mathematics learning difficulties. Currently, she is a researcher in the GBL4deaf – Game-Based Learning for Deaf Students (LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-032022) funded by FCT and LISBOA2020.